Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Bren strives to redirect where R&B takes you. With heavy influences consisting of jazz, hip-hop, indie pop, and gospel, Bren breaks out into the alternative R&B world with Henny in the Hamptons, which redefines the mainstream sound of R&B/Soul. Attempt to take your mind out of the box for a minute and lock into the new grooves, messages, and ideas that Bren’s music weaves into your soul.

“Twenties” embodies the new era of youth coming into the scene. It merges Bren’s love of gospel, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, & pop all into one. “Twenties” touches on the different emotions and experiences you encounter during the beginning of your twenties, while containing an underlying theme of hope and self-love. It embraces the musical culture we are in now, while highlighting something completely new. This project is in its own lane, and attempts to redefine the mainstream sound and bring something new to your ear.